I Read Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report… So You Don’t Have To. Quick hits From a Tech Marketer.

1. Digital advertising is ACTUALLY real advertising. In fact its bigger, better and more effective than TV.

First of all, I’m embarrassed to even write a headline like the above… as it is 2017. The fact that “going digital” or “digital marketing” is even a term is sad.

“If you’re not a digital marketer today, you’re not a marketer. Period.”

Finally, it appears that industry media dollars are catching up. See below as global internet Ad Spend surpasses that of traditional TV spend.

2. The Triple-Edged Sword of Personalized Advertising

Mary Meeker referred to it as a Triple-Edged Sword. Not sure I like the analogy, but I’ll run with it.

We need to move from a position of pay and spray advertising to a position of providing the right message at the right time to the right people.

3. The demise of big box retail and the rise of small box delivery

Where is your storefront? How many different storefronts do you have? How do you manage them all? There has never been a time that this becoming more blurred. New types of storefronts are popping up (and closing down) everywhere. In fact, your Facebook feed itself can now be a browsable storefront (see below).


4. The Evolution of Entertainment: From MASS to PERSONALIZED

The media landscape has changed so dramatically in the past 15 years, it literally looks nothing like it used to.

5. China, Design, Healthcare Quick Hits

And finally, the following are a selection of other slides from the behemoth deck that I found particularly interesting. Enjoy.



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